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This easy questionnaire will make things a little easier for everyone, I will send you an email regarding and other questions or information you will need to know after I receive your answers. Can't wait to get to know you!
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Well, hi {{answer_36590427}}! Who else will be with us on this session?

Names and Ages if you don't mind or relationship if you do :)
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Phone Number

About your session...

{{answer_36590427}}, what kinds of photos would you like to have?

I need to make an estimate on how much time to allow for. I want to make sure we get everything you want!

Do you have a particular style of photos you like?

Psst...It's ok to like them all. This just helps me mentally prepare the day.

Sweet! Do you have a location in mind?

If No, Don't worry! We'll hash it out.
I live in the Tampa Bay area so there are TONS of places we can go!
If you have a place in mind, please paste the Google Maps link below.

If I didn't already contact you for scheduling, what time frame is best for you? *

If you're open to either you can choose either and we will just schedule it based on my preference.

Very Important, what day are we looking to schedule? *

If I'm not available I will let you know in the follow up email.
How'd you like this form? Be honest, you won't hurt my feelings, just Typeform's! :D

WOW! We're done here! Thanks so much for filling this thing out, I hope it will help us make your photoshoot just that much easier.
I will get in touch with you soon about the details of your shoot.
Thanks again!
- Danielle

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